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Every quilter has a masterpiece within ... and this website focuses on both finding, and (I hope) providing steps to creating, that masterpiece.

Its companion purpose builds on the notion that, “Friends are like fabric - you can never have enough.”

This is a place for all our art-fabric friends. So … welcome!

Make a Strip Quilt

   What a fabulous way to use up some of those small scraps you just don't want to throw away but can't figure out how to use. No matching of seams, points, etc., so this is a win-win solution and fun to do!

1. Start with a piece of muslin or ugly fabric cut to the size you want. Lay a strip diagonally across the muslin, right side up (red strip). Just make sure the strip covers the muslin.

2. Take a second strip of fabric (green) and lay it right side down along the edge of the first strip.

3. Stitch through all layers using a quarter inch seam. The strips do not have to be straight (can be narrower at one end and wider at the other) or the same width (some wider and some narrower is more visually interesting). Press your fabric over so that the right sides of the fabrics show.

4, 5, 6. Continue adding fabrics until the muslin has been entirely covered with strips of fabric.

7, 8, 9. When you have finished sewing on your fabrics, you should have something that looks like this. (No muslin is showing.) When you turn your piece over, this is what you will see.  

10. Now take your ruler and rotary cutter and trim your block (in this case 4-1/2") to the size of your muslin. This is what it should look like after it has been trimmed. If you sew four of these blocks together, they could look something like this. It is fun to play with the direction they are placed. You get an entirely different look.

11. Also, you can place them end to end and use them in a border for a chevron effect.  

  This is fun to do and is a non-stressful way of putting together a quilt. You can use two or three colors of scraps and get an interesting effect. Or how about a baby quilt with favorite colors for your grandchild?!